We would like to thank the following, whose good deeds help the Duffercast be what it is.

Wikimedia for providing the photo of Terry-Thomas on our about page. On the photo he looks like a slightly nutty old duffer. Which we approve of. The roots of this cast can maybe be said to lie in our waffling about Terry-Thomas on in the spring of 2013. If you remember Terry-Thomas, you are probably an auld duffer, or on your good way to become one.

Dave, a.k.a. thelovebug, for providing the hosting of this site and the Mumble channel. Furthermore, some of us have had a long-running discourse (disturbance?) on “old fart music” in the Bugcast Friday live IRC channel, courtesy of Dave and Caroline.

The music creators that made the music we play. A big thank you for sharing it and letting it free (as in freedom) under Creative Commons licenses.

Various software projects:

Banner images are credited in detail on our Banners page.