Duffercast 16 – Carehome California

This is not a Christmas episode and might have been recorded or published in the summer. Not present are Yannick, Paul, Gavin and indeed every other human (and alien) excepting Mikael, Dave and Andrew.

We covered all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order:

NOTE: Some insects were harmed during the recording of this show. Not by us and we’ve no idea who was doing it but at any given time someone, somewhere will be murdering our mutli-legged pals eg swatting a fly, spraying pesticide or some horrible child doing unspeakable things with a magnifying glass. We do not condone such behaviour and urge you to do likewise and donate to your local arthropod charity.

Music played

All music above is CC-BY-SA licensed except for the Wormy one which is CC-BY and the Fats Waller one which is CC0.

Episode art
Medieval Planisphere PD

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