Duffercast 8 – Half Danish, Half Cowboy



Guest: An unknown Dane who chose the theme song for this episode.

One town in Denmark

Another town in Denmark

Some unknown Danish person

Cheering for @sazius for flattring

Feedback discussion

It’s established that Chalkahlom is a botist

More feedback discussion

Discussing Hungarian politics

Internet tax in Hungary


Talking about stuff at fscons

Federation was discussed at fscons

Music: JahzzarThe Wrong Way

Talking about Glasgow slang vs. NI slang

10 things not to say to a Swede

Travel memories from the Duffers – When I was a lad ….

Olof Palme

Legoland is translated (Lego country)

Push to talk – push to laugh

The sound of an elk
Some confusion as elk is not the same as moose
So here is the sound of a moose (elg in Danish, älg in Swedish)

Wanted feedback on how people think an elk or even better a moose might sound – send feedback

Surface mail

The duffers counting money #they are rich … Rich beyond … ahm moving on …

Flattring the Duffercast

Music: Lorenzo’s MusicWe All Fall Down

Funny sound

The duffers go back to childhood

Chalkahlom’s sound device



Chatting about armchairs

More waffling about Unknown Danish person

Duffers goes into childhood

Dave (@thelovebug) discovers that Glen A. Larson has died

Music: Josh WoodwardAirplane Mode

Blake’s 7

Space: 1999


Calculations are made – the answer is 42

400 kg/m3
3000 0.000000000066738   G
10800000000000   comet mass/kg
0.00008008608   g/ms^-2
100   philae mass/kg
0.008008608   philae weight/N
0.817204897959184   philae mass Earth equiv/g

Inscius makes a confession

HPR 1637 – Communities Are Made of People

Flattr button was fixed!

HPR is mentioned and johanv is mentioned (Flattr Flattr Flattr)

HPR 1641 – The real reasons for using Linux


Slackware the podcast
HPR 1660 – Trying out Slackware


HPR New Year’s Show is discussed

Count count “the censored version

The answer is still 42

Intro/Outro Music: French Accordion – Brise Napolitaine (Public Domain)

Shownotes by our guest theru.

Photo: Danish Viking ship Imme Gram af Tønder Skibslag

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