The Duffers

In alphabetical order as no one wants to discuss his age.

chalkahlom (Gavin)

chalkahlom Long term resident of Hungary, although not Hungarian. Can be reached on status net.

expatpaul (Paul)

expatpaul A Brit living in Belgium, but not in Brussels, and earning an income from building interfaces. Doesn’t watch as many films as I used to, but still reads far too much science fiction.

Blogs at, microblogs on, hates freedom on Google+ and retains a great deal of affection for

inscius (Mikael)

Inscius T-TSenior dimwit from Sweden, living in the land of the Geats. Absentminded, not absint-minded. Prefer books on paper. FLOSS everyday. Resistance is senile. Writes on

mcnalu (Andrew)

I wear a cap and have 5.99 years experience of being a true duffer and exist as pure energy. I like astronomy, industrial archaeology, communities, free and open source software, economics (non-traditional) and am more than willing to bore the pants off anybody on these topics. My goal in life is to sit in an armchair by a log fire and not be disturbed. @mcnalu and

thelovebug (Dave)

Unusually, it would appear as though I’m actually at the younger end of the spectrum of this unruly rabble of crusty cobs. I’m a father of three living in the northern regions of England, doing tech for a living, tech for hobbies, and I have been known to dabble in tech every so often.

I am a serial podcaster, with a number of different casts on the go. See here.

You can find me over at, on Mastodon at, and I also use the freedom-hating Twitter – see here for other places to find me.


facebook_profileI’m a French dude living in Switzerland, I’m a software developer for my day job, and a geek when I’m not working, which includes developing software for myself, friends and family… go figure.

I also produce Euterpia Radio, a music podcast, and it’s little sister Euterpia Radio Rock.

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but I rarely use my personal accounts. You’ll have a better chance to get in touch with me using the podcast accounts, which are … on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ !