Terry-Thomas in Burke's Law, a film from 1964. Looks like a slightly nutty old duffer.

We are six gentlemen in the prime of our respective lives. After perambulating this planet for some years we have achieved well nigh perfection and would like to share thoughts and insights on just about everything with you, dear listener. Be patient, as we cannot fit in everything in every single episode, but eventually we will collectively have covered most of what is interesting in this universe. Just stay with us for a wee while, and you will be rewarded. Eventually.

The best thing is that it is all free. Free as in free speech, not as in beer. We like beer, though, so it is also free as in beer. We are all freedom loving chaps, which means, among other things, using and promoting free software and free culture as much as we can. That may sound geeky and even mysterious, but fear not! We will deal with all sorts of subjects, and we are sure you will find at least something that is entertaining, informative or even thought provoking. Eventually.

This cast is about everything and anything. It is NOT safe for work. The reason is not just our vocabulary, but that what we say may be so interesting and absorbing, you will forget to work.

We have a few semi-regular segments that we probably will manage to occasionally fill with some content. Some episodes might also be themed. We have not promised anything.