Duffercast 13 – A Pork Pie Sent Him Over The Edge

  • Who should do the shownotes?

  • Dave (Lee) and his stir-fry dinner

  • Introductions: Mikael (@inscius), Paul (@expatpaul), Andrew (@mcnalu), Dave (@thelovebug), Gavin (@chalkahlom), other Dave (@perloid)

  • How to make an award-winning show (whatever that is)

  • Meetings between hosts:
    • Dave (Lee) and Andrew met earlier this year.
    • Also (other) Dave, Andrew and Gavin met up in Edinburgh.

  • Some hosts (at least) are real people. Tests of reality were not necessarily comprehensive.

  • Dave Lee met Yannick and his family at one point at BugCast Towers.

  • Yannick came to visit the square foot of Scotland he owns.

  • Memories of Woody Allen’s piece of turf. Which film??

  • Should there be a Duffercast chat room?

  • Mikael recruited a new listener on GNU Social: @einebiene

  • How many of the Duffercast presenters are listeners?

  • Shouldn’t there be more presenters than listeners?

  • Dave (@perloid) is the oldest participant. He has no useful advice on how to emulate his state of dotage though.

  • Music: Mundo Canibal by Freak Fandango Orchestra (CC-BY-NC)

  • Stranger Things TV programme. Produced by the Duffer Brothers.

  • Valves for the wireless?

  • TV from the past: Blake’s 7, The Omega ManCoronation Street.

  • Listening to The Archers on the wireless.

  • So-called "Reality" shows.

  • Greenland Shark duffer was old; it’s in the eyes apparently.

  • Clams are duffers, too.

  • Old trees.

  • Fife and happiness

  • OggCamp: past and future, attendees, locations and sponsors.

  • Music: About Me by Angus & Friends (CC-BY-SA)

  • Podcrawls:
    • Glasgow: 7 attendees
    • London: 11 attendees
    • Future Podcrawl in Belgium?

  • FSCONS 2016 in Sweden.

  • FOSS Talk Live in London.

  • The history of Podcrawls.

  • Over 9000 gamification.

  • Home brewed beer. How strong is it?

  • Music: Gnarly (feat Devyn Rush) by David Amber (CC-BY-SA)

  • Helvellyn in the Lake District:
    • Walking the dog
    • Runway

  • Music: Hayseed Rag by The Dizzy Trio (PD)

Episode art: Pork pie on a plate. Palladian – Evan Izer, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3253025

Shownotes by Dave (@perloid)

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