Copy, right and left

Copyright, yada yada yada, a subject we by all probability will go on about in an episode or two. Or three.

This site as well as the podcast is free as in free speech, not as in free beer. Our stuff is copyrighted by the Duffercast crew (we, the old farts) and released under a Creative Commons licence: CC-BY-SA. That means you can copy, remix and share our stuff with for example your friends, if you grant them the same rights (i.e. copyleft). Others’ creations, such as photos and music, that we use, belong to respective copyright holders, under respective licenses.

The individual music pieces we play in the cast are all under what sometimes is labelled free culture licenses, such as CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, CC0 as well as works in the public domain. As for the music tracks, we provide links in the show notes for their sources. If you want to support the musicians as well as download, share and remix their creations, please go to the sources. 🙂