Duffercast 2 – Posting links is like making shownotes to your life

4.5 Duffers gathered online and rambled.

Father Duffer Gavin was too immersed in thermal baths to stay online and keep us in check.


No cohesive or intelligible discussions are identifiable.

01:00 Thermal baths and D-cups
02:20 Mikael, actually
02:30 *** Some old music
03:20 Being evil and the trouble storing all that information on us
04:20 NSA gag reel?
04:50 Andrew notices for the first time that he’s being recorded
05:40 Introductions
07:15 The love bug brings up the rear
08:30 Cookie caching cockup
09:00 NYBill or Nybble? Read the convo on Status.Net
10:20 Jon Kulp’s blathering
11:10 Duffing up HPR
11:45 Mikael rides Occam’s lawnmower from the future to prove he is Jon Kulp’s son.
13:00 Paul, classical dude and useless info man
14:40 Cyanide linux
16:30 *** Some music that sounds a little like genesis+pet shop boys
19:45 John le Carre on the Proms
21:20 I volunteer to do the show notes
21:30 Accessing the BBC from abroad, naughtily or otherwise.
24:45 BBC, TV licensing UK & Sweden
38:10 We notice Gavin’s gone a bit quiet
38:15 *** Some music that mentions the word ‘zombie’
41:30 It’s the second anniversary of the date on which Terry-Thomas would’ve been 100.
44:00 Yannick goes native in Alaska.
44:40 Pump.io and the new identi.ca
49:00 Broken news: Nypple outtas himself on status.net
52:00 Back to baths
54:30 Dave makes us be audibly naughty to make Gavin’s life difficult.
55:10 Broken news: Nybble is over the line!
56:00 McNalu’s meta-armchair
56:20 What does Dave sit on?
58:20 This show is FANTASTICALLY unstructured.
60:00 *** Some upbeat rocky music
64:50 We get flattr clicks, but from ourselves
66:30 Focus groups, drumming gorillas, Phil Collins and Cadbury’s chocolate
69:00 Leonard Rossiter and other famous actors
73:00 Pink panther films
75:00 Liking Mikael’s thinking excuse from the last episode
75:10 This episode begins, finally!
78:00 Dumb dumb dumb done done done dumb dumb dumb thing
78:10 McNalu’s been shot
80:00 A Swedish serial killer Sture Bergwall a.k.a. Thomas Quick
81:00 The show ends at last, strangely.
81:20 Outro and odd noises
83:55 Out-take: Recursive editing commentary

Episode art: Duffer in bathtub (PD)

Music played

Azoora – Sleep on The Way [link] CC-BY
Josh Woodward – This Is Everything [link] CC-BY
Melodic In Fusion – Time Goes By [link] CC-BY


Washingtonians – Tishomingo Blues [link] – recorded 1928. Public Domain.

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