Duffercast 3 – Multiplely Redundant

4 Duffers speaketh their minds on topics for – or for not – your pleasure of listening.

Father Duffer Gavin remaineth in the bath, but be assured, dear listener, he exists.

Discourses & Chronological structure

Time seemed to stall and lose its meaning, so no times are hereby given, but effect followeth cause and sense followeth none.

Lovebug toilet habits.
Jumpstart – the very first search engine.

Chilled Tune – Mr Ju – d6 Jazzslam – CC-BY-SA

Nokia nose dive.
New operating systems for phones.
A Drive from Office to our own Cloud.

Rocky Tune – Shearer – Warmachine – CC-BY

It’s still cloudy over duffercast.
@Whistlewright writes erotic microfiction.
Limiting characters in microblogging, shortening URLs, Scannability in microblogging.
The Buggercast!
mcnalu’s Armchair.
Bad days.
Have you ever knowingly or unknowingly destroyed carpets by playing armchair daleks?

Piano tune – Kimiko Ishizaka – J.S. Bach – The Goldberg variations Variatio 28 a 2 Clav – CCO

Political rituals are unexciting.
Decentralised social media has no name.
Titanium ballcockery.
Lovebug confirms mcnalu’s trade counter inadequacy.
Duffers are open hardware.
Inscius says patent corks, but Lovebug says swing top cap.

Outro music – Carl Martin – Joe Louis Blues – Public Domain

Further rambling
Real outro music – What’s this???
Linux distros – Oh FFS, do they ever stop talking?*


Episode art: An empty bottle with swing top cap and a smaller duffer bottle. By inscius (CC0)

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