Duffercast 4 – Two Telephones

What better way to enjoy these long warm summer days than to relax in the sun with The Duffercast Christmas Special? In this auditory excursion, three duffers gathered to verbally examine a range of seasonally appropriate subjects.

Drugs, Suicide and the European Union

After addressing the question of whether we[1] are addicted to sunshine, the duffers moved quickly on to the subjects of suicide and herbicide. This was an appropriately mind-expanding discussion, but we must remind you to enjoy your audiocasts responsibly.

The conversation then turned, naturally enough to the related subjects of the EU, apples and Tomato Ketchup.


You thought we’d forgotten again. You’d be right.

Tonight’s duffers were Mikael, Paul and Dave and we were briefly joined by a surprise special guest.

Beards and Confusion

Mikael outed himself as being both the oldest and youngest duffer on the show after which he cleverly distracted the rest of us by talking about beards. Dave mentioned Movember and then tried to change the subject.

We all hope that the fine folks at TINAP are still listening and have cleared up their vocal confusion.

Feedback and Flattrs

This is a good time to remind any listeners that you can contact us using the contact link at the top of the page. Please be patient, though, because no-one knows who checks the email.

Many thanks to JohanV[2] and anyone else who Flattred us in the past eight months.

Podcasts and Public Service

The conversation then turned to podcast awards, other podcasts and the podcast preferences of the duffers. Mikael recommends the Brain Science Podcast.

This led to some discussion of the public and private sectors. Much was said about public service broadcasting in general and the BBC in particular. This part of the show was informative, educational and entertaining.

Guess the Sound

An all new section in which the duffers play a live sound from an item, gadget or machine and challenge their co-casters to guess the gadget[3].

This section also incorporated an exciting intermission while one of the duffers rebooted his PC. The rest of us took the opportunity to talk about telephones, classic operating systems and Microsoft’s business practices.

And, tangentially, the Basilisk II Macintosh Emulator.

The Duffers Get Relevant

From Christmas traditions and rampant commercialism, we moved on to Secularism, Christmas trees, celebratory food and back to Christmas traditions. These included Donald Duck, Sinterklaas and Yorkshire pudding.

And finally: New Years Resolutions Goals.

While the duffers were talking, you were entertained by

Josh WoodwardTogether On Our OwnCC-BY
KirkoidShiro (Kirkoid Mix)CC-BY
Vladimir Sterzer – Merry Christmas Everywhere – Fröhliche Weihnacht überallCC-BY-SA
Jelly Roll MortonDoctor Jazz – Public Domain


[1] When I say “we” I do, of course, mean “you”.
[2] And now we have released another one.
[3] In this section we talked about Big Traks, Thumb Pianos, the Macintosh Plus. And I hope you didn’t read this footnote before attempting to guess the sound.

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